Minghella Information Systems provides a variety of technical services to ensure that your infrastructure and office are operating at their peak efficiency, including:

  • System Analysis & Design

  • Networking Solutions

  • Database Integration

  • Custom Software Solutions

We also provide diagnostics, repair & technical support of servers and workstations, with several options to suit your needs and budget:

  • Onsite Support

  • Phone Support

  • Remote Support

  • Contracted Support Packages


System Analysis & Design

We provide your company with recommendations to improve your speed and productivity, which are based upon a full analysis of your current needs and pre-existing equipment.

If you decide that itís time to update to a more efficient system, we apply our analysis to designing a system that will, not only suit your current budget and needs, but one that will grow along with your company's computing needs as well. We then procure, install and network all the necessary hardware and software for you.

Call us today to see why discerning companies have entrusted us to keep their businesses running at their peak efficiency.


Network Solutions
Whether diagnosing problems with your pre-existing network or installing a new one, our certified networking specialists are adept at handling all of your intranet and internet needs. Our staff currently offers:
  • Diagnostics, repair, and upgrades of preexisting networks
  • Broadband and DSL network installation
  • Intrusion/Security Monitoring, Detection & Prevention

  • "Whole-Home Multimedia and Internet Wiring Harness" installation, which provides digital, fiber-optic and/or Cat5 wiring and outlets in every room of your new home or office.


Database Integration

We are adept at creating, installing and updating databases. Several solutions are also available to allow both you and your clients to access updated information via the phone or internet.

Call today to inquire about the many options that are currently available.


Custom Software Solutions

Through a thorough analysis of your company's methods, forms and paperwork, we design software solutions that integrate with your preexisting software and help your business achieve maximum efficiency and productivity. 




We know how frustrating it can be when your systems go down. It is for this reason that we have several certified technicians on staff, who provide prompt, reasonably priced, support service, which minimizes your employees' downtime. This also saves you the hassle of breaking your systems down and taking them to a computer store (where you often have to wait days just to get them looked at). 

Emergency service is also available, 24 hours a day, as we also provide our clients with cell numbers for immediate response to questions and issues.


Phone Support

As many issues can resolved by a "walk-through" over the phone, we provide phone support for all pre-existing clients as a cost-effective alternative. 
  • All Phone Support beyond 15 minutes will be billed at current rates, which is $50 per hour or portion thereof.
  • There is no fee for issues pertaining directly to web hosting. This does not include setting-up/maintaining email accounts, uploading files or other issues that were not included in the initial hosting contract..


Remote Support
Using the latest technology in Internet Tech Support, we are able to access your computer to remotely resolve many issues. If you choose this method, you will see everything that is being done to your computer as it happens, thus alleviating any security issues.  
  • All Remote Support will be billed at current rates, which is $75 per hour or portion thereof.



Onsite Support

Since 1996, our certified technicians have been providing prompt onsite computer diagnostic and repair services to locations through-out Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire and Southern Maine.
  • Onsite Support will be billed at current rates, which is $90 per hour or portion thereof.
  • Discounted rates may apply for frequent / contracted clients (see Contracted Support Packages).
  • As is the industry norm, billing for all service calls is "door-to-door". This means that you will be billed from the time we leave our location to the time we finish at yours.



Contracted Support Packages

Contracted support & design packages are a lesser price alternative for companies who require top quality graphics, design and IT related work on a frequent basis, without the added expense of hiring full time staff to complete these projects. Depending upon the contract and terms chosen, your company could save as much as $40 per hour off of our standard rates.

Typical contracts range from 4 hours per month to 20 hours per month and include:

  • IT Support: Phone, Remote or Onsite* Diagnostics and Repair (excludes hardware/software fees)

  • Intrusion/Security Monitoring, Detection & Prevention

  • Network & Server Support

  • Updates to Websites

  • Search Engine Updates

  • Online Marketing

  • Graphics for Promotional Material

  • Trade Show Graphics

  • Newsletters

  • Email Blasts

  • And much more...

Contracts are billed yearly, in advance of service. If, at the request of our clients, the hours exceed the allotted monthly hours specified within the contract, the additional fees will be invoiced at a rate pre-specified in the contract. If, for any reason Minghella Information Systems® is not able to complete the contracted term, you will be credited for any months remaining on your contract.

Call today to inquire about the many options that are currently available.



*** Pricing Notes ***

There is a Minimum One-Hour Labor Fee for any Onsite Service.

*Onsite Service may not be available in all locations
& "door-to-door" charges may apply.
Please call for details.

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